According to ABP Sanjha, Controversial Self styled god woman Radhe Maa did not answer the questions and ran away related to recent controversies and allegations on her.

Radhe Maa, who calls herself a godwoman, has grabbed national attention with an array of controversies and eye-catching pictures on social media.Many devotees have been led to believe that Radhe Maa is an avatar of Goddess Durga. The 50-year-old, who is rarely seen without her garish red and gold attire and trident, apparently encourages that impression.

Radhe Maa’s style of blessing her devotees is apparently to dance with them and have them lift and carry her. An obscenity complaint filed against her says she allows devotees to kiss her.Online videos show Radhe Maa, who has studied till Class 10, dancing to Bollywood songs. She is also pictured in western clothes, notably a red mini-skirt.Before becoming “Radhe Maa”, Sukhvinder Kaur was a young mother of two who took on tailoring work to supplement the income of her husband, a sweet shop owner. She was born in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district to a government officer.
video:ABP Sanjha

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