Racists Target Major Kalsi on Reddit

Racists posted several Memes on reddit dishonoring Major Kalsi. When Major Kalsi came across these he responded “A divisive and irreverant meme was sent out by someone named Mike. We’ve kept that meme in the corner and created another which proudly displays our shared American values… service, sacrifice, and our commitment to humanity. Please share in solidarity, and help push back against ignorance and intolerance.”

Major Kalsi creatively responded with his own Meme. The racist meme is on the top left.


Many Sikhs and supporters of diversity in the US Army responded against the racists in this thread: Reddit

Sikhs have seen a major backlash post 9/11 due to mistaken identity after men with beard and turban started being shown on television. The average American had no idea that 99.9% of those who wear a turban are actually Sikhs instead of another religion.

Sikhs have served in both world wars and have been nationally honored in the United  Kingdom several times for their immense contribution. However, in the United States military there have only been 2 Sikhs who’ve been allowed to serve with their beards and turbans.

About Major Kalsi

Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi has always had a strong passion and desire to serve his country, as he was raised in a family with three generations of military service before him. Through the Health Professions Scholarship Program, Major Kalsi was able to attend medical school with the promise of being able to serve in the U.S. Army as soon as he finished. He began as a First Lieutenant in 2001. He then did his Active duty rotations by serving in military hospitals at West Point and Travis Air Force Base. In October 2009, he became the first Sikh in a generation to receive a religious accommodation to wear his turban and beard in uniform. He completed his Officer Basic Training the following year and began his journey as an active duty soldier.

Major Kalsi deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 as Officer-in-Chief of a tented Emergency Room in Helmand province. He also served as the Chief of Disaster Medicine for the entire Forward Operating Base. During his tour in Afghanistan, Major Kalsi treated thousands of combat casualties and local nationals who suffered from IED blasts, gunshot wounds, and other emergent conditions. He also successfully resuscitated back to life two patients who were clinically dead upon arrival. Most recently, Major Kalsi testified to end the ban on Sikhs in the military in front of the Commission on Civil Rights. He currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves with the 404th Civil Affairs Battalion at Fort Dix, New Jersey. He continues to push our nation’s military to end the ban on our religious articles of faith, and allow all Sikhs to once again serve freely in the nation they call home.

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