After nearly 8 months, a man named Joseph Caleca was arrested for the hate crime against a Sikh who was run over by his pickup truck back in June.

The man belonging to Long Island, NY was arrested and charged with attempt to murder and felony assault under hate crimes.

The man provokingly called the Sikh man “Osama” before running him over. The man was at large for nearly 8 months and finally was arraigned in court.


The Sikh man was dragged behind the vehicle of Joseph Caleca down the the street before coming lose from the truck. The next scheduled hearing for the case is April 22

After the incident, Sandeep Singh was taken to the hospital where he was treated to severe injuries.

The racist man faces 25 years in jail if convicted. The wife of Sandeep stated he was called “terrorist and to go back to his country” when the suspect confronted Sandeep and his friend. Sandeep was dragged for 30 feet and sufered severe abdominal and back injuries from the attack.

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