A racist and outrageous flier found on car windshields across the City of Hoboken has caused outrage. The flier targeted at Mayoral Candidate Ravi Bhalla tries to associate him with terrorism.

Ravi Bhalla took to twitter and responded against the vile flier:

Senator Cory Booker also took to Twitter to respond against the Hate:

The Democrat Party’s Mayoral Candidate Michael Defusco released the following statement speaking against the racist flier. He stated the flier was not circulated by his campaign.

“A disgusting, racist flier was found on car windshields tonight that altered one of my campaign’s mailers and added a racial epithet aimed at Ravi Bhalla. I condemn this piece of racist garbage in the strongest possible terms. Hoboken is far better than this and whoever made this flier is not only insulting one of my opponents in a despicable way, they are also painting me as a racist, which as the only openly gay elected official in Hudson County and a progressive Democrat simply could not be further from the truth.

I called Councilman Bhalla tonight to assure him that although we disagree on many issues, we can stand united against this kind of racism infecting our city. I’ve also submitted a copy of this flier to the Hoboken Police Department and will be sending it to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office to demand an investigation to determine who is intentionally misrepresenting my campaign. This injustice will not stand and we will do everything possible to get to the bottom of it.

Political stunts like this are everything that’s wrong with politics today and I’m horrified to see this happening in Hoboken.”

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