Racist Article Against Sikhs By Media, Puts Sardars in Bad Light

An article written by a major Indian news media has deliberately wrote against Sikhs. The article is nothing but being racist against the Sikh community without a doubt.

The article starts off with the heading “Taapsee Pannu: I have dated a South Indian but can never date a Sikh”. It is worth mentioning that 99% of the article is not even about Sikhs but about the low intelligence answers by the actress Taapsee Pannu. One must wonder why this journalist wrote such a title when only a few sentences are about the Sikh sardar males.

Why did the journalist not choose a more appropriate title to better suit her article. The problem here is: the writer sensationalized the title and invoked a negative feeling about Sikh Sardars.

Now let’s see what was written in the article that is negative about Sikhs:

When questioned about how she got into films, Taapsee Pannu stated:

“I am a Jat Sikhni born and brought up in Delhi. I used to have really curly, long hair, but somewhere in my heart, I always wanted to cut my hair. My whole Sunday used to pass in just washing, oiling and all that. I went ahead and cut it without asking my parents. “

First of all there is no such thing as a Jat Sikhni and so the actress has no idea what she talking which shows her ignorance towards the Sikh faith.

When questioned about marriage she stated:

“But I could tell you that I don’t see myself getting married to a sardar. I have never even dated a sardar.”

It’s her personal opinion of who she wants to date and marry and great for her, but to degrade Sikhs in the mainstream media like this is unacceptable. The media has always targeted Sikhs and have often showed in bad light despite major Sikh contributions for the country.

This statement is not only stupid but makes Sardar Sikh boys look bad as if they are really bad people.

However, the public has responded well to this article with the following comments:

Harjinder “Stupid editors will write stupid artciles only. Shame on Priya Gupta. She looks to be racist.”

Satyan Sarath “my sister is married to a Punjabi and they are living happily with two kids. We are from Kerala, I think Tapsee could have avoided such controversial stuff.”

Stuti “stupid article. i have never dated a sardar but i feel they are the most romantic ones as i have seen them pampering their wives/gfs. Pls avoid such sensational headlines for your articles. else u’ll lose ur subscribers.”

Gujoban “She doesnot deserve sardars. Among the people who have negatively commented about sikhs, you should read sikh history. She is a naive, a sardar is called a sardar because of his pious, just, honest, immensly brave character. A sardar is a complete man because thats how a man is actually built. I proud that sardars are the protectors of hindu and all other religions of india.”

You can read the full article Here: Racist Article

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