Raagi Bhai Sarbjit Singh met with Raagi Bhai Balbir Singh to comfort Bhai Sahib whose unwell after the video of him meeting Ashutosh surfaced. Sikhs worldwide were outraged after a video surfaced online showing Bhai Balbir Singh meeting Ashutosh.

Raagi Sarbjit Singh spoke in defense of Bhai Balbir Singh saying he had no clue who he was meeting. He further stated that if either his Tabla player or assistant were with him that they would’ve made him aware of Ashutosh. He termed the incident a “Conspiracy” to defame Bhai Balbir Singh.

In regards to bowing to Ashutosh, he stated Bhai Balbir pays respect to all and it’s a sign of respect rather than accepting anyone as a ‘Guru.’ He gave his personal reference that the person he learned Tabla from was his teacher and he would show respect to him by bowing down.

Raagi Sarbjit Singh asked the Sikh sangat to forgive Bhai Balbir and to accept his apology as he has done immense kirtan seva for nearly decades.

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