(DSU News Bureau) Raagi Malkit Singh part of a Jatha which was invited to perform kirtan from India has gone missing. The Raagi was invited by Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford to perform kirtan at the Gurdwara Sahib with his Jatha.

The Raagi went missing at Vancouver International Airport on the day of his flight back to India. The incident occurred on April 27 and his visa was valid til May 5, 2015.


Khalsa Diwan Society stated that Malkit Singh wanted to stay in Vancouver which is why he went missing on purpose. The police have registered the matter but haven’t had any progress finding Malkit Singh.

The police have obtained CCTV footage at the airport but haven’t had any solid clues.

The Khalsa Diwan Society members were contacted by Malkit Singh to be allowed to stay but they denied. The society has started it’s own man hunt to find the missing Raagi.

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