Truth of ‘Jhoota Sauda’ Saadh’s impersonation of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee – in his dated ‘apology’ to Takth Sahib, serial rapist, murderer and heretic Gurmeet Ram Rahim ‘Insa’ claims he never impersonated Guru Sahibaan, couldn’t think of equating himself to even a saint of any religion – This interview by EX-DERA PREMI: Beant Singh proves otherwise. Its a shame that its being claimed our ‘Singh Sahibs’ buy these lies and political stunts.

Look at the timeline of events: the Hukumnamme to socially boycott in 2007 – Harsimrat Badal becomes Bathinda and allows Naam Charcha to continue – 2009 – Badal Family Visit Dera Sacha Sauda prior to Punjab Assembly a election 2012 – Modi Woo’s Dera Chief 2014 – Dera ‘Jhoota Sauda’ followers urged to Vote BJP, Modi becomes prime minister 2014 – Many Charges acquitted and Ram Raheem allowed to Travel early 2015 – Ban of MSG, MSG 2 (films made by dera jhoota sauda) 2015 – Ban Lifted but Punjab Cinemas refuse to show his films amidst security threats (currently) – Dera Chief’s 2007 clarification/apology is ‘accepted’ by Takth Sahib? – Badal Must woo Dera Premis for 2017 Election. The BJP (Fascist RSS Hindu right wing) controls and has in their hands the corrupt SAD (Badal) who directly controls and influences the every move of the SGPC. The SGPC in turn appoints and can replace the positions for the ‘Singh Sahiban’ – Sant Jarnail Singh Jee ‘Khalsa’ warned us of the shackles of slavery upon us, its a sad state where our Righteous Jathedars themselves are not free.

In a Survey conducted by Daily Sikh Updates on social networks, the survey result showed an astounding 99.5% of Sikhs want a Sarbatt Khalsa to remove all Jathedars.

Over 2,000 Sikhs on social networks worldwide responded to the survey and agreed a Sarbatt Khalsa is necessary. The recent decision of pardon by 5 Sikh Jathedars at the Akal Takht hurt worldwide Sikh sentiments. 3 people died after the Akal Takht issued a hukamnama against Gurmit Ram Rahim of Dera Sauda for his blasphemous act of trying to portray as the tenth Sikh Guru.

What is a Sarbatt Khalsa?

Sarbat Khalsa is the highest organ of the Khalsa Commonwealth representing its “integrated will,” which no Sikh commoner, sardar or prince could dare defy.

Sarbat Khalsa, meeting in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib, is the supreme sovereign body, with deliberative and executive powers, including authority to direct the affairs of the community. The institution of Sarbat Khalsa grew out of the needs and compulsions of the turbulent eighteenth century when Sikhs, were driven away from their homes and were forced to find shelter in remote hills and forests in large or small batches. The able-bodied baptized Singhs among each group formed a fighting band, living off the land in defiance of the imperial might. It became customary for these bands of Sikhs to assemble yearly at Amritsar, especially on the occasions of Baisakhi and Diwali. These gatherings of warriors and noncombatants who were soon considered to represent the entire Panth came to be known as the Sarbat Khalsa.

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