Purse Snatching Outside Home of Arun Jaitley in Chandigarh

Purse snatching occurred near home of Arun Jaitley’s residence who is the Cabinet Minister of the Modi Government. Two boys were seen snatching the purse of a woman carrying her 14 month old son. The incident occurred in one of the richest per capita area of Chandigarh.

The boys snatch the purse while the woman is guarding her 14 month son and doesn’t let go the purse

She falls to the ground and the attackers are able to run away with the purse.

A complaint was filed against the boys for robbery but no suspects were identified. The incident occurring outside home of the National Government’s Cabinet Minister has raised eyebrows that if robbery can occur in this area than it must be quite frequent in other areas.

The 14 month old boy was not hurt in the incident.

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