In a town in the United States, Punjabis took law and order into their own hands and paid the price.

Apparently, a black man in the video was caught stealing inside the store. The 2 Punjabi men told him to leave even after catching him red handed.

The man remained outside of the premises and taunted the two Punjabi men. An exchange of words between the two sides further escalated after the Punjabi man got physical by using an object.

The Punjabi man grabs a bat and swings it at the black man and seeing his counterpart being unable to handle the man, the 2nd taller Punjabi comes into help.

The black man ran away but came back, this is when the Punjabi man for the 2nd time goes after the black man, but this time loses his bat.

The shear size of the black man is double that of both Punjabis and he proves to be too powerful and both get a bad beating.

The right thing to do in this case was to call the police and let them handle it and instead of going after the black man unless they were physically threaten which they were not as they led the physical charge.

Punjabis take law into their hands by dailysikhupdates

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