Did Punjabis Stop Sikh History/Gurbani Katha in Gurdwaras?

REMEMBERING THE TRUE SABHYACHAR Punjabi Culture or Sikh Culture? | Are We Lost? | Dhadrianwale

Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale talk about how a large part of the majority know each detail of so-called Punjabi culture, most of which brings negativity into society, but do not remember the rich Sikh culture, the real “Sabhyachar” of the Punjabi people.

This live recording clip is from the Khetli Diwaan on 31st Janaury 2015.

Baba Ji mentions how most Gurdwaras have stopped katha of Gurbani in Gurdwaras as it directly hurts them in their hearts as they have not done good deeds.

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