Punjabis Set To Lose Their Genetics in Future Unless Something Changes

Punjab’s native population is on a deep decline, the population has seen no growth in over 20 years. It is very worrisome as eventually Punjabi native population will be considered endangered.

Punjabis are different from other groups of populations based on traits which are inherited.

Genetics differentiates sets of populations as they are passed down for generations. For example, people in the 7 sister states or East India are different from those in Bengal or Tamil Nadu. Genetics is what differentiates Punjabis from nonpunjabis as there are certain genes which all Punjabis have and which can be traced to the exact village or region of Punjab. This is exactly how roma gypsies were traced to Punjab because they had a certain gene which only people of Punjab carried.

If the following Issues are not addressed then Punjabis will forever lose what distinguishes them from others. There would be no Punjabis at all in the future if change does not happen.

1) Stop Female Foeticide/Infanticide
Punjab has among the highest rates of female infanticide which has led to a negative ratio of males to females. In other parts of India such as Haryana and UP there are not enough girls for boy and so people in many villages are going to East India to buy females to marry. Once a mixture of 2 different races of people happens the male side genetics will slowly disappear as it’s always the female genetics which dominate for generations.

2) Declining Punjabi Population Year over Year
Trend of Sikh Parents not having more then 2 Children.

This reason is important as in order to have a population at a year over year growth rate, the number of children of a population must be more then 2. By only having 2 children per family a population of 20 million will go to 15 Million in the future and on a declining rate. To help prevent a population from a declining rate the population growth rate must be more then 2 children otherwise the groups population will disappear.

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