Note: Being Punjabi and a Sikh are 2 separate things. Anyone can be a Sikh but a Punjabi is referred to those who are from the Punjab region of India.

The major issue facing the Khalsa panth is the lack of Sikh awareness and slowly Sikhs are forgetting their rich history and gurbani understanding. Many Punjabis who have taken over Sikh gurdwaras in foreign countries aren’t amritdhari Sikhs themselves and have a very low understanding of Sikhi. Punjabis who are born into Sikh families automatically claim to be Sikhs and this has caused big damage to Sikhi.

Punjabi’s have landlord mentality as back in Punjab many of them owned land and try to use that mentality in Gurdwara politics which often results in fights.

The problem arises when committee don’t hire dedicated kathavachaks for Gurdwara Sahibs. The concept of katha is very important as the Sangat gets to understand gurbani meanings and Sikh Itihas(History)

Baba Dhadrianwale explains when Sikhs use to do Katha in Gurdwaras then the children were raised as warriors but now after the Punjabis took over things have turned the other way. He explains it’s important to teach kids Sikhi in Gurdwaras.

In most Gurdwaras Katha of Gurbani doesn’t occur because it hurts feelings of Punjabis as it goes against their everyday routines. He says majority of people consume alcohol and they don’t want kathavachaks to talk about the issue in gurdwaras.

The vast majority of Gurdwara committee members aren’t amritdhari Sikhs, so how can we except Sikhi to be taught when those running the gurdwaras themselves don’t know anything.

The problems are the following:
1) Members of Sangat what the entire Gurdwara program on Sundays to be over in a short amount of time so that they can eat langar and go home.

2) Kathavachaks are few and far in between in recent times because most people don’t have any clue about Sikhi.

3) Katha is not promoted actively in Gurdwaras as 1 it takes time which prolongs the Gurdwara program and 2 hiring a Kathavachak costs money.

4) Committee members are only worried about filling the golaks and can care less who learns about Sikhi and who doesn’t.

REMEMBERING THE TRUE SABHYACHAR Punjabi Culture or Sikh Culture? | Are We Lost? | Dhadrianwale

Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale talk about how a large part of the majority know each detail of so-called Punjabi culture, most of which brings negativity into society, but do not remember the rich Sikh culture, the real “Sabhyachar” of the Punjabi people.

This live recording clip is from the Khetli Diwaan on 31st Janaury 2015.

Baba Ji mentions how most Gurdwaras have stopped katha of Gurbani in Gurdwaras as it directly hurts them in their hearts as they have not done good deeds.

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