(DSU News Bureau)A Punjabi woman named Sandeep Kaur whose been nicknamed “Bombshell Bandit” was convicted of robbing 4 banks in 3 US States and sentenced to 66 months in Prison.

The woman age 24 is from Union City California pleaded guilty to charges of robbing several banks in 2014. A federal district court judge sentenced the woman in the state of Utah.


The police was on the trail of Sandeep for quite some time and after receiving information on her whereabouts went on a chase. The woman led police officers on a high speed chase in Nevada where we was arrested after an hour long chase.

Sandeep ran away from home after being in an arranged marriage with her boyfriend, who turned abusive on her.


She got into gambling and stock market trading before she decided to rob 4 separate banks.

The woman said she has learnt from her mistakes and now turning to her religion. The lawyer of the woman said “ould become a useful member of society.”

Sandeep would go up to the tellers and scare them in saying she had a weapon when in reality she never did. Sandeep was a brilliant student in high school who graduated at age 15 and became a nurse at only 19.

Sandeep has to pay $44,000 to the banks she robbed.

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