Punjabi Woman Brutally Stabbed to Death By Husband in New Zealand

A woman from Punjab was stabbed to death by a 29 year old man in Auckland, New Zealand. In the incident, the woman from Punjab, India lost her life and another person 22 year old man is recovering from injuries at a local hospital.

The police say the suspect is a 29 year old husband of the woman who flew in from Punjab to New Zealand.

The attacked happened at a learning institute at Queen street with 140 students in the vicinity.


The body was taken from the scene and the post mortem of the body is scheduled for tomorrow.

An witness told a local reporter, “I saw a guy who got stabbed on the neck, he was bleeding badly, the man who stabbed them is still up there, the girl who died is still up there as well.”

“I tried a lot to save that girl but unfortunately we couldn’t do it. He was just hitting and hitting and he just stabbed her two-to-three times,” the man told the Weekend Herald last night.

The girl’s father died when she was young and mother died last year with the brother studying in India.

Witnesses say they saw the the man holding the knife before the attack.

“I told her to call police. I told her he had a knife. She ignored me and wanted to talk to him herself.

“Then suddenly after two minutes [the man] was coming towards the girl and he stabbed her once in the chest, a second time in the neck and third time in the head.”

The witness said he and another classmate caught the man from behind in a bid to stop the attack.

“I caught his hand and we just fell down on the floor. Stupid things happened today man. I tried a lot to save her but I was too late.”

A member of the faculty said she had seen the attacker on campus in the past. The person allegedly waited for the woman to come out of her exam room before he attacked.

Detectives have stated the 3 person were involved in relationships and pointed toward a love triangle as the cause for the crime.

– Additional information from Otago Times

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