Canadian news agency CBC has reported that Simple Mehta faces charges of human trafficking, receiving benefit from trafficking, and extortion to provide sexual services in Winnipeg.


Simple Mehta is accused of recording a man being sexually assaulted at her spa and using the video to threatened the man. The charges of conspiracy to extort were brought against Simple Mehta the owner of Simi Magic and Spa on St. Anne’s Road in Winnipeg, Canada.

The police have stated the man who was sexually assaulted was blackmailed. The person involved in sexually assaulting the man was Pam Sandhu a 22 year old woman who was charged with voyeurism, sexual assault, and extortion.

The man told the police that while he was being sexually assaulted he notices he was being videotaped. The man ended up giving thousands of dollars to the culprits before he reported the crime to the police.

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