Last week, a jury in Vancouver was told that Amritpal Singh 22 from Vancouver used a samurai sword to behead Manraj Akalirai 21 in a gang fight which occurred on January 23, 2013. The accused Amritpal Dhillon pleaded not guilty in 2013 for the murder of Manraj Akaliraj.

Left: Akalirai Right Dhillon
Left: Akalirai Right Dhillon

What happened?

The Crown Counsel Prosecuter Corinne Longworth stated the following:

Just before the attack, Akalirai drove his SUV to hangout at a friend’s house whose name is currently concealed. The friend had told Akalirai that Dhillion was in the neighborhood.

In reaction, Akalrai’s friend gathered ski masks, a machete, a samurai sword and got inside Akalirai’s vehicle. After the two hit the road, a vehicle with about 6 people stopped them and prevented further driving.

The friend of Akalrai with a sword in his hand got out of the car and began to fight with an armed person from the other vehicle. The friend chopped off the other man’s thumb off.

After the friend was hit, the sword dropped resulting in Dhillion quickly grabbing it. The two Akalirai and his friend ran away towards the direction of their home and were pursued by Dhillion and his friend Rakhra.

The friend was quoted saying:

“I expect Mr. Akalirai’s friend will say that while he was in the corner of his neighbour’s yard trying to get away, Mr. Rakhra struck Mr. Akalirai with the golf club,” the prosecutor said.

“While Mr. Akalirai was falling face first down on the ground, the accused Amritpal Dhillon took the samurai sword previously held by Mr. Akalirai’s friend and struck Mr. Akalirai in the back of the head, partially decapitating and almost entirely severing the upper portion of Mr. Akalirai’s head.”

After police arrived on the spot they say Akalirai on a yard with his face down. He was prounced dead at a local hospital later that evening.

The defense has argued that Dhillion and Rakhra acted in self-defense. 13 witnesses are expected to testify before the jury for 3 weeks before a judgement is announced.

With inputs from: The Province

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