Punjabi singers Rupinder Handa went live on Facebook to speak out on Babbu Mann fans abusing her. She stated that she was a victim of female demeaning foul language that hurt her feelings. She went live for about half hour on Facebook and stated that Punjab is not in good hands with people openly using curse words related to moms and sisters.

(Left) Rupinder Handa

She insisted that her statements were misunderstood and that thought wasn’t put in to understand her words.

Rupinder gave her clarification over her statement which went viral on social media. She stated that she never stated anything wrong to Babbu Mann or demeaned him in anyway. However, she stated that the dedicated fans of Babbu Mann went overboard on targeting her and making her a victim of abuse.

In the half hour long video, she praised Babbu Mann over his achievements but condemned the fans for their abuse and vile language of using mothers and sisters to target abuse towards her.

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