Washington: A Punjabi named Aman Singh was sentenced to 20 years in prison for driving while drunk and committing an accident which led to the death of 1 individual.

Aman Singh age 24 was the driver of one of cars and was severely intoxicated and driving well over the speed limit. Aman lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a poll on the sidewalk causing the vehicle to go to the opposite lane.


The vehicle crashed into another driver’s car named Skillen Chaudhry and he died on the spot due to the tremendous impact. The victim Skillen was in America for study purposes. The police arrested Aman for driving wile under the influence of alcohol leading to the death of a person.

Aman accepted his fault in court but he was also involved in driving while drunk in the past. The defense appealed for a lower sentence but due to a prior incident the sentence wasn’t reduced.

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