The former Canadian Defense Minister Jason Kenney racially attack the new Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan by making a racist comment while Harjit answered a question Tory James Bezan on the handling of ISIL.

The incident occurred during the question and answer period in the Canadian Parliament when James Bezan criticized the Defense Ministry on dealing with ISIL. Harjit Singh Sajjan responded to the question by stating it’s crucial to learn from lessons by the past by “working with our allies.”

He further stated “And I want to make sure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past because every, single time we make those mistakes as political leaders we send our men and women into harm’s way for no reason and I will not repeat those mistakes again,” he said.

Sajjan emphasised that it’s important for the government to take their time by consulting with their allies to prevent putting their soldiers under harm’s way.

While Sajjan spoke about the government’s plans to deal with ISIL the Jason Kenney stated that Canadian MPs needed an “English-to-English translation”.

Liberal MPs responded by condemning the comment and shouting “Shame.” Several MPs called for Jason Kenney to apologize but he refused and took to twitter to respond.

MP Ruby Sahota wrote on twitter:

“Shame on @jkenney for his racist remarks during today’s qp toward #harjitsajjan. His refusal to apologize is unacceptable.”

MP Raj Grewal wrote:

“@jkenney should apologize for his comments in question period today when @HarjitSajjan was speaking #unacceptable”

Jason Kenney took to twitter to respond to Liberal MPs.

@rajliberal 1/ I have huge respect for Mr. Sajjan. As CIC Minsiter I featured him as a role model in the Discover Canada Citizenship guide!

@rajliberal 2/ Unfortunately, I find his answers on ending combat against ISIS to be at best unpersuasive & at worst incoherent. That’s the

@rajliberal 3/ point I tried to make. Sorry if it was misconstrued in any way. He’s a fine, intelligent man but, IMHO, his position is wrong

Raj Grewal responded to Jason Kenney

@jkenney thank you for the response, I think we can both agree that a better decorum in QP will help us all avoid mishaps like this

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