Punjabi Millionaire Offers Rent Free Homes to Those Impacted by Wildfires in Canada

The 90,000 residents of the City of Form Murray are homeless after a massive wildfire reduced the city to ashes. Thousands of residents are left without a home and under dire circumstances.

A Punjabi businessman Navjeet Dhillon has pledged to offer help by giving 100 rent free homes to those impacted by the wildfires. He previously provided housing for Syrian refugees.

Navjeet will provide free accommodation for three months.

He was quoted telling SBS Australia:

“They lost their jobs, lost their homes, they were lucky they still had their cars and they drove out. We tried to help them in this difficult time, said Mr. Dhillon.

“The biggest contribution you can do as a corporate citizen is residential accommodation. When they come here, what’s the first thing you need? It’s accommodation. We can give and contribute because it’s our business,” Hindustan Times quoted Mr. Dhillon as saying.

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