(DSU News Bureau) A man named Gursharan Singh from Punjab living in Singapore was sentences to 30 months in jail for hiding evidence for helping his friend dispose the dead body of his wife.

A man named Harvinder Singh got into a domestic dispute with his wife but things turned deadly when he punched her in the neck, which led to her death.

The incident which occurred in 2013 has just come to light after the man was put on “Interpol’s most wanted list.” Reportedly, Harvinder has been on the run since December of 2013. Gursharan Singh was convicted for helping Harvinder lift the body inside the bag and disposed in the river Whampoa.

Harvinder dumped the body inside the bag “so that no one would know what he had done to her”, Assistant Public Prosecutor Prakash Otharam said.

The judge noted that Gursharan was convicted because he “actively assist him” and that “The accused had screened Harvinder from the law knowing that he had committed murder.”

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