A Punjabi truck driver ended up getting a truck stuck in the wrong lane blocking the traffic coming from the tunnel. The driver couldn’t figure out how to reverse the truck or turning the truck back around.

Another truck driver was brought in to move the truck out of the area.

People on social networks expressed outrage:

Riham Chahal I blame NSW service, how did they provide him with a licence if he hasn’t completed the hours and test ?

Arash D Singh Guys he just made a mistake
Nothing to do with visa
I am b- double driver and Australian citizen
I am also mr singh
I see everyday lots of Aussie drivers caught driving over height
Vehicles before burnley tunnel
They never come in news
He is from overseas you guys made a news.

Common guys nothing to do visas or nationality
Grow up
Your father or grand father
Also came from overseas
No one born here
You guys came here before now you are abusing growing community

You will see guys Mr Singhs gonna be
In government after two generations

And Australia is multi cultural country
News channel cannot make news on visas or against any nationality

From my point of view this is competition
If guy come from non english country and got a job to drive b double don’t get jealous.

You guys should be proud of that guy
He just made a mistake
I think with $3000 fine and 9 points
He got a lesson
He never do a mistake again”

Scotts Transport B-Double Blocks Airport TunnelAirport Tunnel: Driver on 457 visa not capable of reversing truck. RMS specialist brought in. MORE – Stories from 7 News http://bit.ly/7NewsStories Reporter: Chris Reason#AirportTunnel #7News

Posted by 7 News Sydney on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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