People from Punjab look to venture abroad to make a success of themselves and to provide for their families.

Some go to Europe, Canada or America but for many it is easier to go to Dubai as there is less expense involved and more job opportunities are available to uneducated and inexperienced people as jobs in construction and truck driving are easily available. For many people, the living conditions are not great, they are made to live in unfurnished housing as well as being paid a low rate.

The truck drivers are on the road for many hours a day, and with their long shifts on the road there is always the danger of accident due to tiredness and overworking.

Most companies do not offer life insurance or compensate the families of the drivers should and accident take place. Lawyers are also of no use as families living in Punjab cannot get access to any attorney to fight their case to claim any compensation.

Dubai Truck Crash by dailysikhupdates

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