A Sikh helps police get to the terrorist involved in New York and New Jersey bombing over the weekend. He heroically helped save many innocent lives and yet gave credit to law enforcement officers. Harinder Bains certainly did what every responsible citizen in America ought to do. Brave and courageous act!

Mariner Balns. a bar owner in Linden. NJ. called the police upon spotting Anmad RanaM1 the bombing suspect sleeping at the doorway of his establishment early on Monday morning. Harinder Gains said that he had been watching CNN on his laptop at another business across the street, and subsequently recognized 28-year-old suspect Rahami outside Merdie’s Tavern and alerted police. Rahami seemed to be napping, had let himself into the small enclosure outside the nondescript brick building. The phone call from Gains led the authorities to the bar, which is located around three miles south of where the police found a backpack containing bombs. The resulting confrontation led to a shootout which ended in the capture of Rahami.

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