Punjabi Man Dead After Attempting to Rescue 3 Children Drowning

A man from Punjab Manjeet Singh age 29 years old drowned to death after attempting to rescue three children drowning in the Kings River in Reedley, California. Manjeet Singh had recently immigrated from Punjab and wanted to start his own trucking business.

The man had started truck driving school on Wednesday and went to the Kings River to jet ski with his friends.

After noticing kids drowning, he went towards the kids attempting to save their life. However, the fast moving river swept him away .

Several witnesses rushed to the scene and were able to get two children out of the water but the third could not make it to the shore.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene to locate Manjeet. After about 40 minutes his body was found floating by brush near the shore.

One of the children was on life support at Valley Children’s Hospital and is not expected to survive.

The police stated that the water near the shore is shallow but quickly drops inwards.

It is unknown if Manjeet Singh knew how to swim.

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