A Punjabi man driving on a highway in Calgary, Alberta captured some impressive footage of a sign which appears to be dancing. However, this is not the case, but in reality high winds made the sign bounce up and down. Harmonic frequency of the metal was reached after the incredible pressure from the wind.

While watching the footage and bhangra music in the background it appears the sign might be dancing to the Bhangra but no, it was due to the high winds in the area.

Towards the end of the video, a part of the sign almost falls on his own car.

The video has gone completely viral on social networks and here are some of the comments:

Alexander Roberts Looks like it was enjoying the music as much as I was xD

Qu Akins The music was just that bangin’

Leo Azulay Even the sign thought the music was bangin’.

Dancing Sign in Calgary Captured by Punjabi by dailysikhupdates


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