A Punjabi man by the name of Gurwinder Singh was jailed for 9 years on kidnapping charges subtracted by 716 days he’s already spent in jail.

The man wasn’t convicted of the more serious charges he was brought to court for which were rape charges.

The man was previously involved in a separate rape related case where he was sentenced to 5 years in prison but had already completed 2 of the years.


The Punjabi man lived at a Valero Gas station where the plaintiff claimed he tried to commit rape against her. However, the man claimed in court that he had paid the woman to engage in such behavior with her. She refuted the claim and stated that it was an unprovoked incident.

The emergency call was made to the police when the incident occurred where the woman was heard saying “Stop You are hurting me.”

This particular piece of evidence was enough for the jury to sentence the man for kidnapping charges instead of rape even though an actual kidnapping never occured.

The Punjabi man will reportedly be deported after he completes his sentence.

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