Punjabi Girls Sold in Arab Countries Finally Return Home

An agent under false pretense from Punjab sent dozens of Punjabi girls to Saudi Arabia and Dubai who applied to work in a foreign country. The agent took money from the girls and were given just a 2 week visa. The girls overstayed their visa and became stuck in the country. They were then sold by the Arab agent to rich Arab businessmen.

Eight girls returned back to Punjab organized by Dr. S.P Oberoi after being contacted for help.

One of the girls that were brought back was sold in Dubai. She told the media that the agent had promised she would work as a housemaid for an Indian family for a pay of 25,000 rupees.

The other girl named Amritpal Kaur told the media that she was promised a stable job. She further stated that the agent falsely promised them an occupation by the Indian agent. She said she belongs to a poor family and thought going to a foreign would help uplift them from poverty.

Sikh philanthropist Dr. S.P Oberoi told the media that as many as 200 girls are currently in Arab countries who were sold by agents to rich businessmen. S.P Oberoi also told the media that over 200 girls and boys have died while being slaves in Saudi Arabia.

S.P Oberoi has brought back dozens of girls and hundreds of people by paying for their tickets and often times sending chartered planes. Dr. Oberoi told the media that the cost to bring back 1 girl costs about 6 lakh rupees.