A Punjabi girl named Sukhvir Kaur Brar went on an ambitions journey to 3 countries on her motorcycle in 6 months. The trip was a total of over 24,000KM into the countries of India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Regarding equal status of woman she said, “I am doing this to inspire other women to come forward.” The trip of Sukhvir wasn’t sponsored by anyone but she paid for all expenses on her own.

The incredible cross country trip allowed her to understand various cultures of different parts of the country.

On whether she regretted her trip due to the difficulties she faced, she said, “Despite mountainous regions taking a toll on me and financial stress, I battled through on little money I had. The only trouble I faced was being pulled over by Punjab Police, no other police from any state gave me a hard time except them.”

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