Punjabi Girl Age 6 Found Dead at Mexican/US Border

A stunning news has come out of the Arizona Desert where the body of an 6 year old girl identified as native to Punjab Gurpreet Kaur was found. The cause of death was a heat stroke in the desert after the mother left her with migrants to get water.

The body was found in Lukeville, Arizona at a place where the temperatures on average exceed 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

The family of the girl was trying to seek asylum by crossing the US-Mexico border. The number of Indians crossing the border as soared in recent years.

The 6 year old girl was amount five other Punjabi people the human traffickers had dropped off in the remote border area this past Tuesday.

The US Custom and Border Patrol told the media that after the mother dropped off the child with another woman and her child, she never came back.

The mother and her child were found by the U.S. Border patrol in the Sonoran desert and discovered the girl about 1.6km from the border.

127 people died in the heat in 2018 and 58 so far in 2019.

The blame on the death was put on the smugglers who leave migrants in the middle of the desert without proper life saving items.

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