Deadly Gang War Among Punjabi Gangs in Vancouver Alarms National Agencies

The Vancouver gang wars are making National Canadian headlines as the deadly gang war escalates. The reports indicate that rival Punjabi gangs are run according to surnames of the gang leaders and points towards a bigger gang war.

Canadian national law enforcement agencies have had a tough time dealing with the complex network of gangs and so now they have formed an elite team to combat the growing gang war.

To understand the complex gang war, it’s important to understand on which side the gangs are linked to. The deadly gang war is between the Red Scorpions and the United Nations gang.

Reports suggest the conflict in the last year gets tracked to drug traffickers aligning themselves with the RS or UN a dead ago.

This judgmental map of Vancouver labels the high Punjabi population area as “Gangland”

Vancouver police Superintended Mike Porteous stated that those linked with the RS were the Grewals, Kangs, and Dhaliwals. The names of the gangs are given after the surname of the leaders. The gangs of each surname were further divided into areas of the lower mainland.

The RS groups had conflicts with the Sandhu-Sidhu group which is known in the Abbotsford area stated Porteous.

The persons loyal to Jimi Sandhu (deported to India) and Sandeep Sidhu were linked to the UN gang.

Reports indicate one of the leaders Gavinder Grewal who is believed to be aligned with the RS network started his own group called the Brothers Keepers.

News reports suggest that the Brothers Keepers turned against each other causing a split. The split among the gang ended up causing a lot of violence which is still continuing.

The gangs are involved in drug trading in and around Vancouver, the trade and violence doesn’t have any violence.

The following graphic shows how gangs carry out their crimes:

Porteous believes the killings are all related, “I think for sure they are tit-for-tat retaliation. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.”

Grewal was killed despite living in a secure Vancouver high rise building on Dec 22. The killer was able to reach the top floor and kill the 30 year old. The police have not been able to control the gang violence because the dynamics are ever changing.

The Province newspaper quotes a police official stating the following on the gang war:

“Now you are seeing a lot more in that mid-level to lower-level groups that are changing alliances very quickly which makes things very unstable for us,” he said. “Once they switch sides, once they change alliances, they bring with them a massive amount of intelligence that is very valuable to the new group, which again poses a lot of challenges to us.”

The intel can be used by the new group to hunt a rival.

Even gangsters who are in jail “still seem to have a power base,” Serr said.

“There is still this large group of new up and comers that are emerging. We are still seeing that traditional base from 10 years ago that has significant influence in the current gang conflict.”

The Abbotsford police are working on making a new gang crime unit that will dedicate itself to dismantling the gangs to disrupt some of the violence.

The various agencies have decided to work together in tackling the gang violence and sharing information in real time to combat the ongoing conflict.

Further reading on the gang violence: The Province

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