A Punjabi man by the name of Manjot Singh brought disgrace to the Punjabi community in California after police say he fired bullets due to cough medicine.

On the same day, 1 crazed Punjabi fired a bullet outside of a Gurdwara, See Details Here: Man Fires Bullets Outside Gurdwara


The shooting happened in central Fresno where three people were shot at but bullets struck their cars. The victims said, they’ve “had trouble with suspect in the past.”

The man owns a auto smog business in the city of Clovis and search warrants have been obtained for his business, home, and vehicle.

The man had an unregistered assault weapon with 2 head guns, ammunition and five bottle of cough syrup.

The Punjabi told police the fight was over prmethazine cough syrup which is a street drug. The bottle costs about $300 to $600 dollars.

Charges have been pressed against Manjot for assault with a deadly weapon and weapon charges.

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