A Punjabi couple was shot and killed early Sunday morning in the city of Southeast Fresno, California by their son in law’s father.

The police confirmed through the home camera footage that the accused Darashan Singh Dhanjan age 65 killed both of his son’s in laws with a gun. The victims named Ravinderpal Singh and Rajbir Kaur were pronounced dead at the scene both aged 59 years of age.

The couple was watching TV in their home when the bullets were fired onto their chests. The deceased man was found with the TV remote still in his hands.

After hearing loud noises, the daughter ran downstairs where she saw her father in law with a gun and pointed it towards her stating ā€œIā€™m gonna kill you, too.ā€

The police chief told the press that the daughter in law ran upstairs and locked herself and her little daughter in her room.

The father in law was arrested at Central and Temperance Avenues and taken to Fresno County Jail.

The motive remains unclear.

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