Indo-Canadian street gangs were in the beginning mostly involved in petty street crimes, older and more calculated criminals from the community quickly saw opportunities to make profit of the situation. Often using clan-based connections in their homeland, organized criminals from the Jatt community were able to build relatively criminal empires making use of young street gangs. The first major Indo-Canadian crime boss was Bindy Johal, although many and more powerful crime characters followed.[1] Indo Canadian gang violence has caused a major problem with a total of about 100 gang deaths since the 1990s to present day with most still unsolved. Between 1991 and 2005 the number is unknown due to lack of concern from police during that time, but at least 50 and at most 80 Indo Canadians have been murdered from gang related violence.[2] Unfortunately Indo Canadian gang violence is still on a high, recorded that from 2006 to 2014, 34 Indo Canadians had been murdered by gang violence making up for 21.3% of gang deaths in B.C.[3]

Gang violence has started to heat up again as of 2014 in the Punjabi (Sikh) community were violence in West Abbotsford between the Chahil and Dhaliwal crime groups has led to the death of Harwindip Singh Baringh,[4] in the Vancouver South Slope were two Punjabi groups have caused chaos which might be linked to the situation in West Abbotsford, and as of 2015 15 out of 30 shootings in Surrey and Delta from March 9 to May 9 have been from a drug turf war between the Indian and Somali drug groups which has led to the death of Arun Singh Bains.[5][not in citation given] Due to this the police have arrested 5 Indo-Canadian males Arman Dhatt, Pardip Brar, Rajvir Sunner, Chandanjot Gill, and Munroop Hayer to stop the gang violence happening in both cities.[6][7]

A Song depicts how youngsters get involved with gangs in Canada:


The main trade of the Indo-Canadian crime groups is the trafficking of heroin. Indo-Canadian crime bosses use their family connections in India to bring in the drug. Indo-Canadian crime groups widened the reach of their activities and delved criminal areas such as extortion, kidnapping, prostitution, money laundering and above all contract killing.[8][9] Organized gangs from the community have infiltrated the local transportation business, setting up connections with Mexican drug cartels and using truck drivers to smuggle cocaine and hashish from Mexico into the USA and Canada.[10]

2015 gang deaths
Arundeep Cheema
2014 gang deaths
Tejinder Singh Malli
2013 gang deaths
Jaskaran Sandhu
Harpreet Chahal
Manjinder Hairan
Manjot Dhillon
2012 gang deaths
Jagdip Johal (Died September 6, 2012; aged 37)
Randy Naicker (Died June 26, 2012; aged 35)
Gurbinder Singh Toor (Died May 30, 2012; aged 35)
Ranjit Cheema (Died May 2, 2012; aged 43)
Sandip ‘Dip’ Duhre (Died January 17, 2012; aged 36)
Sukh Dhak
2011 gang deaths
Baljit ‘Bal’ Buttar (Died November ?, 2011 [exact date unknown]; aged 35)
Christopher Jai Reddy (Died June 24, 2011; aged 24)
Balwinder Uppal (Died June 4, 2011; aged 43)
2010 gang deaths
Gurmit Singh Dhak (Died October 16, 2010; aged 32)
Chhminder Singh Gill (Died May 16, 2010; aged 32)
2009 gang deaths
Gurpreet ‘Gary’ Singh Bassi date: Oct. 26, 2009 age at death: 23

Rajinder Singh Soomal date: Sep. 29, 2009 age at death: 35

Jaswant ‘Billy’ Rai date: Jun. 30, 2009 age at death: 36

Sarbjit ‘Steve’ Nagra date: May 28, 2009 age at death: 29

Joseph Randay date: May 1, 2009 ages at death: 18

Dilsher Gill date: May 1, 2009 ages at death: 17

Sunil Mall date: Mar. 3, 2009 age at death: 27

Sukhwinder Dhaliwal date: Mar. 2, 2009 age at death: 32

2008 gang deaths
Rakesh Ratnam Naidu date: Oct. 2, 2008 age at death: 34

Gurpreet (Gerry) Singh Sidhu date: Aug. 21, 2008 age at death: 21

Harminder (Harvey) Hans date: May 26, 2008 age at death: 18

Bhupinder Singh Benning date: May 24, 2008 age at death: 27

Hark Hans date: Mar. 19, 2008 age at death: 28

Pritpal Singh Virk date: Feb. 2, 2008 age at death: 19

Tejvir (Sunny) Singh Bains date: Jan. 28, 2008 age at death: 24

2007 gang deaths
Ronal Shakeel Raj date: Nov. 6, 2007 age at death: 31

Daljit Sandhu date: May ? 2007 (exact date unknown) age at death: 19

2006 gang deaths
Gurpreet Singh Dhaliwal date: Jan. 12, 2006 age at death: 25

Ravinder (Robby) Singh Dhanjal date: Jan. 11, 2006 age at death: 25

Baljinder (Bobby) Singh Atwal date: Jan. 7, 2006 age at death: 22

2005 gang deaths
Hardev Singh Sidhu date: Sep. 30, 2005 age at death: 27

Hartinder (Harry) Gill date: Aug. 28, 2005 age at death: unknown

Inderjit (Andy) Singh Rai date: May 7, 2005 age at death: 23

Sukhwinder (Sukh) Singh Jawanda date: Apr. 2, 2005 age at death: 27

Harpreet Singh Khurmee date: Feb. 21, 2005 age at death: 34

Sukhjinder (Baboo) Singh Sohal date: Jan. 13, 2005 age at death: 39

Jatinder (Jerry) Singh Natt date: Jan. 13, 2005 age at death: 22

2004 gang deaths
Aklesh Anuj Chaudary date: Nov. 14, 2004 age at death: 19

Manjinder Singh Nutt date: Aug. 29, 2004 age at death: 24

Hardeep (Hardy) Bassi date: Jul. 14, 2004 age at death: unknown

Herman Dhillon date: May 4, 2004 age at death: unknown

Phil Hothi date: May. 4, 2004 age at death: unknown

Harjeet Singh Ghoman date: Apr. 26, 2004 age at death: 23

Karmen Singh Johl date: Mar. 23, 2004 age at death: 63

Gerpal (Paul) Singh Dosanjh date: Mar. 6, 2004 age at death: 28

2003 gang deaths
Gurwinder Singh Bath date: Dec. 13, 2003 age at death: 36 Bobby Johal date: Aug. 8, 2003 age at death: 28

2002 gang deaths
Davinder Singh Gharu date: Nov. 18, 2002 age at death: 21

Abenaas (Abby) Jaswal date: Nov. 1, 2002 age at death: unknown

Kamaljit Singh Sangha date: Sep. 29, 2002 age at death: 26

Heera (Hari) Singh Bahia date: Aug. ?, 2002 (exact date unknown) age at death: 24

Jaspal Toor date: Jun. ?, 2002 (exact date unknown) age at death: 20

Robbie Kandola date: Jun. 23, 2002 age at death: unknown

Gurjinder (Gary) Singh Sidhu date: April 1, 2002 age at death: 27

Jaskaran Singh Chima date: Mar. 18, 2002 age at death: 25

2001 gang deaths
Kuljit (Kelly) Singh Buttar date: Dec. 22, 2001 age at death: 22

Sukhjinder Singh Sahota date: Nov. 21, 2001 age at death: 27

Gurpreet Singh Buttar date: Nov. 21, 2001 age at death: 25

Rakinder (Rick) Singh Bhatti date: Oct. 9, 2001 age at death: unknown

Narinder (Ned) Singh Mander date: Oct. 9, 2001 age at death: unknown

Kamalbir (Kam) Jawanda date: Sep. 29, 2001 age at death: unknown

Gary Rai date: Aug. 3, 2001 age at death: unknown

Krishan Sharma date: Jan. 15, 2001 age at death: 24

2000 gang deaths
Gurpreet Singh Sohi date: Sept. 14, 2000 age at death: 20

Manmohan (Manny) Singh Tiwana date: Aug. 25, 2000 age at death: 26

Gurinder Singh Johal date: Jul. 27, 2000 age at death: 22

Mike Brar date: May 13, 2000 age at death: 21

Rishi Singh date: Feb. 14, 2000 age at death: 21

1999 gang deaths
Vikash Naidu date: Sep. 3, 1999 age at death: 23

Kuldeep Singh date: Sep. 3, 1999 age at death: 25

Deepak Sodhi date: May 20, 1999 age at death: 19

1998 gang deaths
Bhupinder (Bindy) Singh Johal date: Dec. 20, 1998 age at death: 27

Roman (Danny) Mann date: Nov. 29, 1998 age at death: 22

Vikash Chand date: Oct. 7, 1998 age at death: 26

Derek Chand Shankar date: Sep. 19, 1998 age at death: 19

1997 gang deaths
Gorinder Singh Khun Khun date: Oct. 21, 1997 age at death: 24

Amarjit Singh Dheil date: Jan. 19, 1997 age at death: 31

1995 gang deaths
Paul Jabbal date: Oct. 11, 1995 age at death: 22

Peter Manjeet Dosanj date: Jun.10, 1995 age at death: unknown

1994 gang deaths
Ranjit (Ron) Singh Dosanjh date: Apr. 19, 1994 age at death: unknown

Jimsher (Jimmy) Singh Dosanjh date: Feb. 25, 1994 age at death: unknown

1991 gang deaths
Sanjay Narain date: Dec. 2, 1991 age at death: unknown

Parminder Chana date: Oct. 11, 1991 age at death: unknown


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