(DSU News Bureau) A woman from Gidhariani village of Sangrur district of Punjab named Kuldip Kaur gave birth to 5 girls all within 10 minutes. The births occurred at Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research on Tuesday morning. The children were all born normal.

However, the babies were delivered early at 28 weeks and were being kept in an incubator after birth. The woman now has a total of 7 girls.


The doctor who assisted in the births Gynecologist Dr. Kiran Kaur said “All the children, though born prematurely, yet are normal and fine. The woman’s condition is stable and infants are kept in an incubator. Infants are out of danger.”

The parents were aware of 4 children but the fifth was a surprise.

For those wondering how this is possible. More then likely the woman took fertility medication causing more then one egg from the woman’s ovaries to come through the Fallopian tubes. In this case, a total of 5 eggs came and were all fertilized causing the birth of 5 children.

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