Recently, Aamir Khan attracted controversy over his remarks on intolerance in India causing certain groups to issue threats against him. One group has announced a reward of 1 lakh rupees for anyone who slaps the actor.


Currently, Aamir Khan has been shooting in Ludhiana, Punjab for his film Dangal. The villagers of Gujjarwal have stated they will be on Aamir Khan’s side and won’t ill treat him while he shoots in their village. Instead, they will protect the actor against any miscreant and have welcomed the actor with open arms.

One villagers stated:
“It was Jee Aayan nu (big welcome) earlier and it will be the same now. We have never let his religion come in way of Punjabi hospitality. Because that is what Punjab is all about.”

According to another villager, “Even before Aamir Khan arrived in Punjab, his teams were working in our village and giving it Haryanvi makeover. The entire village cooperated with them. We regularly served langar (food) to their workers and helped them in work. All shopkeepers obeyed to whatever they said, the kind of changes they wanted in our furniture, outlook, hoardings, language etc. It is a privilege for us that they selected our village.”

Also, the security of Aamir Khan has been increased tremendously after the controversy. The Punjab Police has provided heavy security for the actor and it was seen by the press at the actor’s hotel and shooting sites.

The actor also has private security of his own guarding him 24/7.

With inputs from IBTimes

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