Punjab Shiv Sena Leader Shot in Gurdaspur (Video)

Punjab Shiv Sena leader Harvinder Soni was shot in Gurdaspur while reportedly playing volleyball in Fish Park in Gurdaspur. The bullet hit Soni in the abdomen and was taken to Fortis Hospital in Amritsar.

The incident is being described as “revenge” by the police for an incident that happened in 2012.

Harvinder Soni was involved in an incident in 2012 where a turban of a Sikh was removed and then burnt in Gurdaspur. The incident escalated as Sikhs demanded the police to take action but police opened fired on a Sikh youth Jaspal Singh and he died due to gun shot wounds.

Police made an arrest in Galwadi Village in Ludhiana district who they claim was the man that shot Soni.

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