The Punjan Police constabulary wants their blue turban with red fringe to be dropped for other head fear which is less time consuming.

The SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar agrees with this notion stating he has taken up the issue with Punjab Deputy CM Parkash Badal. The constables feel the blue and red turban take a long time to wear and abandoning it will cause the constables to be more efficient.

The personnel of the Punjab Police feel that the turban is an impractical notion which requires excess time and other head gear or the modern turban should be adopted.


A historian is also support the Punjab Police to make the change happen as he feels it’s a symbol of the British era which needs to be dropped.

Avtar Singh Makkar says the current turban style makes the turban look more like a “hat”.

Punja government is to make a decision on the turban issue soon.

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