Amritsar, Punjab: The Punjab Police believed they were on the trail of notorious gangster traveling in an i-20 Hyundai car who was on his way to commit a crime but instead they were following Akali Dal leader Mukhjeet Singh Mukha.

According to the Police, the person in the car fired upon them and in the ensuing encounter was killed, whilst a police constable was injured.

Later they identified the dead man as the Akali Dal leader. Mukha was associated with the Youth Akali Dal, in-charge of ward 16 in the Amritsar Municipal Corporation and rumors began spreading that the Police had killed him on the orders of rivals.

A relative told the media that the Police had themselves removed the number plate from the car and then placed a gun near his dead body, a tactic known to be used by the Punjab Police.

Meanwhile protests have also taken place calling for the officers involved to be arrested and booked for murder.

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