GURDASPUR: For nearly 11 hours, it required every available pair of hands to counter the group of terrorists who had forced their way into a police station, turning it into their shelter.

Among those who died in Gurdaspur today was senior police officer Baljeet Singh, who headed the detective branch of the local force.

As the gunshots rang out with chilling frequency, it was clear the terrorists were armed to the teeth. At about 5.30 pm, Punjab police officers at the Dinanagar station chanted victory slogans as the operation was declared over and a success – the terrorists had been killed.

Till then, what had been reported was that the terrorists had fired at a bus packed with passengers, car-jacked a Maruti 800 turning it into their ride to the police station, and that seven people had been killed by then.

With the operation over, the details of what the Punjab police had confronted could be revealed.

The attackers had AK-47s; the policemen fought back with dated SLRs – Self-Loading Rifles


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