Punjab Man Killed 3 Attackers, Freed by UK Judge

For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, a man named Gurjeet Singh will not face any charges for killing three men in self-defense.

Several men attempted to ambush Gurjeet Singh with knives and a hammer. Gurjeet was on his way home after visiting the Gurdwara Sahib in Ilford, London. After being assaulted on, he pulled out a knife and attacked the 3 men named Baljit Singh, Narinder Singh, and Harinder Kumar.

The three men died on the spot and the police did not charge Gurjeet with the murders. The other two men involved in the attack was sentenced for conspiracy and the driver of the four men was jailed.

Surveillance video of the incident showed Gurjeet defended himself against the attack. Court evidence presented at the Redbridge Magistrates showed that there had been a business dispute between the individuals which led up to the attack.

The attack did leave Gurjeet with multiple knife wounds to his head and evidence of being hit with a hammer on his skull.

According to court documents, Gurjeet was seen by the men at the Gurdwara Sahib prior to the attack and all were present at a birthday party the night before where the conflict started to take a violent route.

The incident occurred on Elmstead Rd where the entire street was filled with pools of blood.

One of the surviving attackers will be deported to India after overstaying his visa. The brother of survivor who was the driver will also get deported due to overstaying his visa.

Gurjeet Singh was found not guilty by the Snarkesbrook Crown Court. Gurjeet also overstayed in the UK since May 2015. It is unclear whether Gurjeet will be deported.

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