2 Sikh brothers accused in the Bargari sacrilege case to undergo a lie detector test ordered by the Punjab Government through court.

Sikh worldwide know the 2 accused are innocent as they have a long history serving the Panth. The two became Amritdhari GurSikhs 12 years ago. Sikh groups worldwide are in support of the two brothers and their innocence of the case.

Yesterday amid very tight security around the PGI Hospital in Chandigarh, RP Singh and Parminder Singh from Sikh Relief, were allowed access to visit Rupinder Singh for a few brief moments. There were heavily armed guards surrounding Rupinder’s bedside but our team managed to exchange a few words and offer him moral support.

You may recall during peaceful protests by Sikhs against the beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib ji, Rupinder sustained severe injuries to his spine when police charged at the protestors using their batons. To the shock and horror of the worldwide Sangat, the Panjab government then proudly named and arrested Rupinder and his brother Jasvinder, as the supposed culprits of the beadbi.

The latest situation is that Rupinder awaits an MRI scan which will show in detail the trauma to his spine and the course of treatment required. As Rupinder is currently in judicial custody the State is liable to pay for his medical costs. Therefore, pending payment from the authorities, the hospital will proceed with the MRI.

Earlier in the day, Sikh Relief’s Jasvinder Singh and Amandeep Singh visited Rupinder Singh’s home and met with his family to discuss what assistance we could offer. Further to this meeting, as with our other political prisoners, Sikh Relief will be setting up a monthly welfare package for the family to cover their costs while both their sons are cruelly kept behind bars without justification.

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