The Baba Aya Singh Riarki Colleges desires to provide free and quality education to the downtrodden children of hereby area was the basic concept behind this Educational System.

Since 1976 this small institution is trying to feed Moral values, Ethical values, Character building, Respect towards parents, Love Devotion towards Nation and all Religions. This institution is Of the student, For the student and by the student.

Baba Aya Singh Riarki College Tughalwala is situated on Sri Hargobindpur -Gurdaspur Road on the Aparbari Doab Canal expanded over 15 acres of land. Established in 1976 on the international Woman Day with Twelve students. Riarki College for girls now stands proud with 5000 students in the beautiful building, spacious grounds and lush green trees, amidst the idyllic and Pollution free environment, the college has taken rapid strides and with-in a short span made a mark on the cultural and academic canvas of Punjab.


Now-a days, when education is very costly and beyond the reach of the Common people. This college provides Free Education to thedowntrodden of the rural area. Riarki College is based on democratic setup and is “LOW COST, SELF HELP,SELF SUFFICIENT & CHARACTER BUILDING MODEL OF EDUCATION”. In this institution total Expenditure of a day scholar is Rs- 800/-per year and for a Hostellers- it is 6,000 and Free Education for those who cannot afford, these nominal charges. At present 2,000 student live in the Hostel


In a value based intellectual ambience, the school amalgamates diligence with excellence. Our motto is “Each one teach one”. The students of senior classes teach the junior ones Our prime effort is to inculcate the sense of dignity of Labour and the development of Self confidence. The student them selves, cook and distribute their langar wash their clothes and clean/sweep the campus. Every student has to perform the duty of the principal, the teachers, cook and Sweeper according to the duty list.


There is absolute ‘No Copying’ in the examination. No invigilator is appointed by the university to supervise the students. They themselves distribute the question papers, answer sheets and attempt the paper in peaceful atmosphere known as “Satyugi Atmosphere” by the flying squads. There is an open challenge to catch any copy case and win the cash prize of Rs- 21,000/- This unique institution has been appreciated by the eminent educationists, Govt. Officials and renowned politicians.


To make the College “Low Cost Model” of Education this institution has its own Flour Mill, Sawmill &. Can-sugar grinder. Dairy Farm and Gobar Gas Plants are the special feature of the college & also we are saving rs.1000/- per day by this. By using solar electricity power we. have reduced or electricity bill by rs.10,000/- Dairy farming provides, pure and Desi Ghee and the Gobar Gas plant attached with latrines, produces approximately 4 cylinders of gas for the kitchen cooking by adopting these methods the budget of the institution is minimized with its saving near about 150 orphan students are getting free education in the hostel.


The students are divided by our houses to inculcate in them the Integrity, gratitude harmony and dignity. The students actively take part in inter house activities with a healthy sportsmanship. In a constant endeavor to contribute towards social and national progress students hero participate whole heartedly in programmes such as, independence day, Republic day, international woman day. and in the celebrations of the birthdays of all the Sikh gurus,Lord Krishna, Hazrat Mohammad Ji, Jesus Christ and the gurus of all the religious. Students also take part in collecting charity & donations for those who suffer from national calamities like Earthquakes, epidemics and famine etc.


To make the students self sufficient, college provides regular training’s in Dairy, Stitching-Sewing-cooking, First Aid and decoration Special campus are Organized by different organizations Students are trained by teachers, seminars and functions. The College owns a “Plant Nursery” in which thousands of plants are grown and distributed in the near by villages every year in a constant endeavor to contribute towards social and national, there are 21 Riarki Clubs working in different villages of Riarki area Our college always strives consistently to provide opportunities to students to display their inherent talents to act, sing, recite kirtan and painting etc. Every year, college organizes competition in Creative writing .Essay writing and poetical recitation.The excellent culture and efficient functioning of this small institution has been appreciated by the vice-chancellors of the universities.Punjab Govt. has also showered “State Award” on this institution because of its social service in the Rural and Backward Area.

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