The annual Republic Day parade featured a float for the State of Punjab showing a Gurdwara Sahib and a man doing Sewa. The float represented the Sikh tradition which was a first in the republic day parade. The floats in the past of usually been about the Punjabi culture and Bhangra and Giddha. This is the first time that an actual Gurdwara Sahib was reconstructed with a Nishan Sahib for the Republic Day.

The following is the float that will be featured at the Republic Day Parade.

A glimpse of the Khalsa tradition represented on the float.

Here is a look at 5 Historical floats Representing Punjab at the Indian Republic Day parade


A float from the Indian state of Punjab takes part in India’s 59th Republic Day parade.


A float carrying a tableau from Punjab state is displayed during the final full dress rehearsal for India’s upcoming 59th Republic Day parade in New Delhi


Unknown Year


Float from the 61st Republic Day Parade


Float from January 26, 1958


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