Punjab Digital Library’s Grand Plan to Preserve Historic Documents

A Mobile Digitization Lab MDL to comb villages of Panjab for rare documents and digitize them on the spot.
NOTE: Picture shown in profile is for reference purposes only (Actual Design will vary).


Manuscripts in the villages of Punjab remain un-catalogued. People are not aware of their importance, don’t know how to properly take care of them, and without proper care manuscripts are being damaged every day. On top of this, there are number of centers operating in the garb of Angitha Sahib Gurduaras, their vans comb villages across India for Panjab related manuscripts and rare books which are brought to these centers for burning. On an average 5000 books and manuscripts are burned every year at each center. Rare documents in the villages remain highly vulnerable to loss without being reported. On the spot digitization facility will motivate people to get their documents digitized and will allow for more search throughout Panjab.

MDL will be fully loaded with equipment to digitize manuscripts in the villages and transfer data to Panjab Digital Library (PDL) server through internet every day. It will provide access to unexplored, at risk heritage available in the villages of Panjab. If lost, nobody will ever even know about the loss. The devastating tragedy of Kashmir is in front of us. Flood waters entered the government archives, cultural academy, the building housing Srinagar’s museum and several other libraries. The flood also destroyed scores of private collections of texts, rare religious manuscripts, letters and other important connection to Kashmir’s past. Things would have been different had this material been digitized? This has happened in Panjab as well, and is bound to repeat in future. MDL will digitize over 400,000 pages every year.

Phase I is fabricating MDL and Phase II is initiating operations. 2-year budget is $50,000.

Phase I: Capital Expense 1-Time
Chassis $12,000
Fabrication $10,000
Digitization Equipment $8,000
Total $30,000

Phase II – Yearly Operations
2-Person Staff $5,000
Fuel $2,500
Maintenance $1,500
Internet connectivity $1,000
Total $10,000

Schedule of Deliveries
1 Nov 2014 Initiate Plan & Secure Funds
31 Dec 2014 Finalize Model & Design
1 Jan 2015 Initiate MDL fabrication
13 Apr 2015 Initiate Operations
6 Jun 2015 First lot online
31 Dec 2015 200 villages digitized

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