Eyewitness Response to Tornado Sighting in Jalandhar (Video)

An eyewitness caught the tornado on his camera and says it was a matter of seconds not minutes. A Tornado was spotted between in the villages of Nakodar and Shahkot of Jalandhar, Punjab. The rare sightings of the tornado surprised many villagers who sought shelter to survive the rare event. The strong winds of the […]

Massive Fight Breaks Out at Kabaddi Tournament in Jalandhar

At Mothada Kalan near Jalandhar a fight between 2 Kabaddi teams broke out. The fight started after one of the players slapped the other in face. The fight between the 2 players broke out and no one seemed to stop it in the initially. Shortly after, one of the players starts punching the in face. […]

Student Brutally and Openly Murdered By Hostel Head With Bat (Video)

A student by the name of Gurpreet Singh was brutally murdered by the head of a government hostel in front of other students with a baseball bat. The student was beaten nonstop while other students watched and died on the spot due to serious injurious. The head of the hostel named Amandeep Singh is no […]

Ranjit Bawa’s Poetry Goes Viral (Video)

A video of Ranjit Bawa has gone viral on social networks. The poetic lines sung by the Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa is being appreciated and has received a big response. However, the poetic lines actually belong to Gurjit Singh of the Gurmat Missionary College from Ludhiana. Gurjit Singh had sung the lines in front of […]

Gang Members of Sukha Kahlwan Arrested By Police (Video)

Gang members of the gangster Sukha Kahlwan were arrested by police for planning on an attack to seek revenge for Sukha Kahlwan’s murder. The members were traced by the police on social networks and other ways of communication to understand their plan. They police stated the gang was caught with 5 armed weapons and 2 […]

Shooter of Sukha Kahlon Came From Dubai (Video)

A person caught in connection of Sukha Kahlon’s murder has stated the shooter came from Dubai. Gangsters from village Malout organized the deadly shooting of Sukha Kahlon according to media reports. The story has gone viral on social networks after the notorious killings which occurred in mid January. The story is now coming to light […]

Daughter Gets Mother Killed By Lover for 5 Lakh Rupees (Video)

A mother killed by her daughter in Amritsar for 5 Lakh rupees by her lover. The gas agency owner in Amritsar was found dead in her home and the daughter filed a police report. The daughter had relations with a person named Ganesh and she gave him the money to kill her own mother. The […]

Gangsters Shoot Gangster in Police Car, Then Do Bhangra and Air Fire

Famous gangster and Sharp Shooter Sukha kalavam was killed Wednesday by a gang at highway and did bhangra in front of the police. Kahalavam relief from Nabha jail Jalandhar police had brought for hearing. Meanwhile, the police after hearing dry Nabha was being returned to jail, Jalandhar and Ludhiana on the highway in front of […]

Serial Killer Caught in Sangrur: Said He “Killed Nihang Singh For Fun”

A major serial killed has been caught in Sangrur, Punjab. The Man named Gurdeep Singh is already the main suspect in 2 cases involving beheading. He would first become friendly with his victim and would murder them to obtain their personal property. In one case he killed a local vendor named Ranjit Singh in a […]

5 Sikh Lawyers You Must Know About (3 HS Phoolka)

Making it to the 3rd spot, Human rights lawyer HS Phoolka 3)Harvinder Singh Phoolka The famous senior high court lawyer who fought cases for 1984 victims even during times when everyone else had forgotten about them. Known as H. S. Phoolka, is a senior advocate of Delhi High Court, politician, Human Rights activist, and author. He is known for […]

5 Sikh Lawyers You Must Know About

There are many famous Sikh lawyers who’ve fought many legal cases involving murder, human rights, civil rights, environmental rights and criminal offense. We have come up with a list of 5 Sikh lawyers who’ve stood out the most. 1) Navkiran Singh Navkiran Singh is a lawyer & human Rights Activists based in Chandigarh India. Navkiran […]