The ruling part of Punjab, Shiromani Akali Dal and the Badal family have been receiving a lot of criticism from NRI’s in USA, Canada & Europe over the past few months and more recently active boycotts of Akali Dal programs and protests against visiting Akali leaders have become more and more prominent.

With this latest wave another incident took place in Indiana, USA where Akali Dal leader Baldev Singh was heckled off stage amid a large protest. The crowd can be seen preventing Baldev Singh from giving a speech and then the back and forth verbal abuse started. In the end the police were called in and had to break away the Akali Dal leader from the crowd.

One person has commented: This happened almost 10 minutes after the govener of the state left.

The protests resulted in the police escorting the minister out of Indiana Nagar Kirtan event.

Akali Dal USA stage.mp4 by 5abtv

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