‘Proof Bhai Gurbaksh Received Lot of Money’ Peer Mohammad

Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad has stated press secretary of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa Gurpreet Guri will be exposing the list of money given by Sikh sangat to Bhai Gurbaksh. Karnail Singh Peer Mohmammad on a foreign TV channel has made many allegations against Bhai Gurbaksh.

He stated if Bhai Gurbaksh true to the cause then why was he afraid of death when during start of his morcha he said he will be attaining shaheedi. Many people were left wondering how the Delhi committee was able to convince Bhai Gurbaksh so easily. This event even left the main Singhs of the campaign shocked and held meetings to determine whether they were played on the hands of Bhai Gurbaksh.

Karnail Singh further stated Bhai Gurbaksh was given a horse, a car by a Canadian, a phone, and various other things demanded by Bhai Gurbaksh.

Also, he clarified his stance on the parchi and Panj Piyare situation which occurred when Bhai Gurbaksh was to leave for Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Karnail Singh said, Bhai Gurbaksh broke his ardas for his family’s sake and let the Sikh Quam down with his decision. When Bhai Gurbaksh was taken to the Hospital, his son on national television stated he went voluntarily, but after Bhai Gurbaksh heard of this he was quick to say Jujhar is only a child and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

There seems to be a wider conspiracy which has taken place and many Sikhs after the end of the Morcha are wondering whether Bhai Gurbaksh played the entire Sikh Quam for his own benefit.

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