This is Proof Alexandra Aitken is Spreading Sikh Awareness

Many people in Punjab are claiming the once socialite turned into a Sikh Alexandra Aitken who is the daughter of a British politician could be a spy due to her behavior.

British media quoted a Punjabi newspaper claiming Ms. Aitken’s behavior as being odd and under suspicion. However, this isn’t true and the truth is that she has been living in Anandpur Sahib and is a committed Sikh. She gets up at amritvela and does her daily prayers.

Alexandra converted to Sikh after marrying Sikh warrior Inderjot Singh. She met her Sikh husband at a yoga retreat in Amritsar and became Uttrang Kaur Khalsa after she got to know about the Sikh faith.

The recent British and Punjabi media have been criticizing Alexandra of wandering around and being rude but contrary to media reports she is peace and doing very well with her Sikhi.

Before learning about the Sikh faith, Alexandra Aitken was a party girl in London and once posed naked for a major fashion magazine. Now, she actively helps spread awareness of Sikh principles in various websites.

This video is proof of her high spiritual development. Read the previous Article: Alexandra Aitken

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